Saturday, 17 January 2015


HI everyone, hope your all well! I can't believe the snow in some places! unfortunately we haven't had any where i live, which is a little disappointing, i love snow its so fun and looks pretty! Ive been trying out a few new products for a while, so here are my current faves.

Rimmel stay matte foundation: Ive had this foundation for what seems like forever now. I recently re-discovered this and once again reminded me that it defiantly is one of my drugstore all time favourite foundations. I love the mousse constancy and the full coverage look it creates. I did a review on this quite a while ago, but it you want more information click here.

Zoeva brushes: Im not going to say much about these brushes because everyone's seen them in the bloggersphere, but in a sentence, they look beautiful and work fabulously. My current faves out of the set are the ones featured above: '317 wing liner' and '110 face shape' However i recently did a review on the whole set-so if you want to see all the brushes click here.

Naked 2: I received this pallet as a Christmas present and ever since i got it i haven't stopped using it. The colours are so pigmented and pretty. Its perfect for both day and night looks and i love the variety of different colours avaliable. Obviously I've done a review on this too, so if you want to see my thoughts click here.

Benefit Rockatuer: I received this last year from my friend as a birthday present and i can truthfully say i pretty much use it everyday. I'm a big fan of pink/coral coloured blushes. It looks so pretty and natural on the skin and the lasting power is incredible. A good drugstore alternative is the 'Rimmel lasting finish blush in Santa Rose'

Mario Badescu drying lotion: I was lucky enough to get this for Christmas after many months of wanting to try it out and i can confidently say it was worth the wait. It dries up all my blemishes over night- you dip a cotton bud into the lotion and apply it onto any areas needed. Ive defiantly seen an improvement in my skin since using it. I've also been trying out some other products from this brand and they too have been fab. I'm planning on doing a full review so keep your eyes out!

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Friday, 9 January 2015


Hi everyone, hope your all well! I went back to school this week and boy was it hard attempting to wake up on monday morning. However, it was nice seeing some of my friends again that went away for christmas.  Another Christmas present i received was Benefits 'hoola' bronzer. This was something i had tried previously in one of the gift sets and loved, therefore knew i needed it in my life.

I am a bronzer gal, so when i received this i was very excited! (Before your all wondering i did flip the picture above as it looks better) I love this bronzer for contouring in particular, its the most perfect colour as its not orange or shimmery. The brush it comes with is great as its the perfect shape for getting into the hollows of your cheeks. Also the packaging like all Benefit product is super cute and defiantly sells the product. Ive been pairing this with my NYC sunny bronzer and its been fab -if your into contouring you'll love this bronzer!

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Saturday, 3 January 2015


Hi everyone, hope you all had an amazing New Years, mine was pretty fab. This year i went to a sort of party if you want to call it and it was great being able to spend NYE with all my friends! Now 2015 is here -How crazy? I just want to say thank you to everyone who reads and follows my blog, it honestly means the world! From a personal point of view I'm really going to try to improve the content in which i feature. I'd really love to post more fashion and lifestyle posts -so that is my main goal for the year!

For christmas i was lucky enough to receive many beauty products which i had been lusting after for ages. One of them being the Urban Decay Naked 2 pallet. Now if you know me, you'll know me and eyeshadow don't mix to well. However, in the last few months I've been practicing and I've finally come to the conclusion that i can now create an eyeshadow look that doesn't look like I've been punched in the face-so thats a step up right? I decided that i then needed to invest in some "proper" eyeshadows and therefore asked for an Urban Decay pallet.

The colours are so beautiful and pigmented. I attempted to create a gold smokey eye with this pallet and it actually turned out pretty nice -even my mum complimented how it looked so thats saying something as my mum thinks she's pro at eyeshadow! I also used the trusty Urban Decay primer potion which i had lying around in my makeup storage and it really did the trick. My eyeshadow didn't budge at all. The colours lasted amazingly well throughout the night and i was thoroughly impressed! I defiantly think these pallets are worth the money as they are such great quality -I know this will last me forever!

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Saturday, 27 December 2014


Hi everyone, hope your well and all had an amazing christmas, i know i did. It was so nice to spend time with my family, friends and enjoy lots of food. I'll defiantly be going on a health kick now after the amount of chocolates I've eaten in the past week..way to many! I was lucky enough to receive the makeup brushes of my dreams. I've been after the Zoeva 'Rose gold brush set since it first came out. Im completed obsessed with rose gold, its so pretty!

Im already completely besotted with these brushes and i can already say that I'm defiantly going to be purchasing some more from the brand! All brushes are so soft and feel incredible when you apply makeup, to the extent where i'll happily pick one up and swirl it around on my face just for the sake of it.. i know I'm not the only one who does that right? Overall i these brushes and you've probably read countless reviews on them so i'll stop blabbering on.

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Monday, 22 December 2014


Hi everyone, hope your well! Ahhh, i can't believe its only three days until Christmas, how crazy?! I ordered a selfie stick for me and my brother today and I'm hoping it arrives before christmas, i know i'm pushing my luck a bit, but i did pay for first class delivery so i can hope. If you saw my last post you'll know i recently purchased the Laura Mercier 'Silk Creme foundation' Here are my thoughts..

Can i just start my saying how excited this purchase made me. I'd been wanting to try out this foundation for the longest time! I love the packaging its super simple, yet effective and i think it looks really pretty. Or maybe its just the fact its a Laura Mercier product? I am in the shade 'Cream Ivory' which is a perfect match for me currently and I'm fairly pale. The consistency of the foundation is quite thick yet you only need a pea size amount to cover the whole face. Once on the face it blends out perfectly and looks surprising natural. -I did think it would look quite cakey due to the consistency, however i was wrong. The coverage is lovely and defiantly covers any imperfections. However its build able to a flawless full coverage effect. I haven't tested it out for flashback yet, but I've read some reviews and they say its pretty good. I'm hoping as i'd like to wear it for NYE (if you know about flashback with this foundation let me know in the comments below) Overall I'm really impressed with this foundation and i would recommend it to anyone, the staying power is incredible!

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Friday, 5 December 2014


Hi everyone, hope your well. I can't believe its already december! On the plus side, its nearly christmas. I love christmas time its so festive and nice to spend time with your family.  Whilst christmas shopping recently, i picked up a few makeup products to try out. I've been after the Laura Mercier foundation for ages, so i knew that i needed to finally try it out!

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation £34: I finally picked this foundation up after months and months of wanting to try it out, and finally after the influence of Lilly Melrose i made the purchase. I got colour matched to the shade 'cream ivory' and so far so good, it matches pretty well. On first impressions i really like this foundation, in particular the consistency. Its quite thick at first. However, you only need a tiny amount and once its blended into the skin it looks so natural and flawless. This foundation claims to have a radiant finish, which i agree with -its quite dewy which is something I'm not use to, so prefer to powder it down to a more matte finish. I will defiantly do a full review on this at a later date once I've tried it out!

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer £29: Whilst getting colour matched for the SC foundation the lady at the counter recommended using a primer to help the staying power and finish of the foundation. She gave me a sample of what she said was the best selling primer. I haven't tried it out yet but when i tested it onto the back of my hand the consistency was lovely and applied smoothly.

Maybeline Colour Tattoo £4.99: If you know me you'll already know I'm slacking in the eye shadow skills department. I honestly don't understand how to apply eye shadow without looking like I've got a black eye. However, I've heard a lot of good things about these colour tattoos and had to pick one up. So far I'm loving them as they allow me to very easily and quickly apply onto my lids. The colour range is amazing and i know ill defiantly be popping back to the maybeline counter to pick some more up.

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Saturday, 22 November 2014


Hi everyone hope your well. From the title of this post your probably all thinking 'isn't it a bit early for the yearly roundup?' Although i partly think it is, i have lots of memories from throughout the year which i want to share. I'm going to be doing a few of these posts up until the new year. I hope you like them as it give all of you a chance to see into my life! Firstly heres a throwback to summer and it honestly was one of the best

Im going to a 1920's themed birthday party tonight, I'm so excited! I've got a flapper dress to wear, it makes me want to twirl constantly due to the tassels! Thank you for reading my blog be sure to follow on bloglovin!