Friday, 5 December 2014


Hi everyone, hope your well. I can't believe its already december! On the plus side, its nearly christmas. I love christmas time its so festive and nice to spend time with your family.  Whilst christmas shopping recently, i picked up a few makeup products to try out. I've been after the Laura Mercier foundation for ages, so i knew that i needed to finally try it out!

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation £34: I finally picked this foundation up after months and months of wanting to try it out, and finally after the influence of Lilly Melrose i made the purchase. I got colour matched to the shade 'cream ivory' and so far so good, it matches pretty well. On first impressions i really like this foundation, in particular the consistency. Its quite thick at first. However, you only need a tiny amount and once its blended into the skin it looks so natural and flawless. This foundation claims to have a radiant finish, which i agree with -its quite dewy which is something I'm not use to, so prefer to powder it down to a more matte finish. I will defiantly do a full review on this at a later date once I've tried it out!

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer £29: Whilst getting colour matched for the SC foundation the lady at the counter recommended using a primer to help the staying power and finish of the foundation. She gave me a sample of what she said was the best selling primer. I haven't tried it out yet but when i tested it onto the back of my hand the consistency was lovely and applied smoothly.

Maybeline Colour Tattoo £4.99: If you know me you'll already know I'm slacking in the eye shadow skills department. I honestly don't understand how to apply eye shadow without looking like I've got a black eye. However, I've heard a lot of good things about these colour tattoos and had to pick one up. So far I'm loving them as they allow me to very easily and quickly apply onto my lids. The colour range is amazing and i know ill defiantly be popping back to the maybeline counter to pick some more up.

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Saturday, 22 November 2014


Hi everyone hope your well. From the title of this post your probably all thinking 'isn't it a bit early for the yearly roundup?' Although i partly think it is, i have lots of memories from throughout the year which i want to share. I'm going to be doing a few of these posts up until the new year. I hope you like them as it give all of you a chance to see into my life! Firstly heres a throwback to summer and it honestly was one of the best

Im going to a 1920's themed birthday party tonight, I'm so excited! I've got a flapper dress to wear, it makes me want to twirl constantly due to the tassels! Thank you for reading my blog be sure to follow on bloglovin!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Hi everyone, hope your well. Its getting so cold now! Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas, because i've certainly started my Christmas shopping. Theres already Christmas films showing on the tele and everything which i find hard to believe. However, now that its getting cold the first thing I notice is how dry and chapped my lips get. This Lush lip scrub is an all time fave.

If you don't know what these lip scrubs are, there from Lush and are lip scrubs made mainly from sugar -which does mean you can eat it i guess? I am a sucker from licking it off my lips, i know i'm not the only one. This particular lip scrub is a limited edition Christmas cola flavour. However, they come in a variety of different other flavours like popcorn and candy floss. After I've used the lip scrub i like to follow with a  lip balm, either carmex or a nivea one as they are the most hydrating. I did a full blog post on this last year too and i still go back to this scrub. If you want to see a more detailed post click here.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Hi everyone hope your well. Todays post is my OOTD featuring the very popular T-shirt style dress. Mine is from H&M and my Mum brought it for me because she thought i could wear it to lounge in. However, after trying it on i really like it for day time as its actually  quite long. I paired this dress with the docs which i can actually start to wear now its getting cold!

Once again my OOTD taking skills aren't that great! I do promise i'll try and improve! I would also pair this with a big scarf, either, the one on my bed or a tartan one. If you know me you'll know I'm a scarf gal.

Shoes-Doc Marten 'Serena '
Lipstick- Lola Makeup 'succulent plum'

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Thursday, 16 October 2014


Hi everyone, sorry for having literally no posts up lately. i'm going to be honest and say i just haven't had the motivation to blog, so took a tiny break. Im one of those people when it comes to blogging, doesn't want to blog because i feel like i  have to, i'd rather just take a break and post when I'm up for it- which makes blogging a lot easier when i'm blogging because i generally want to and am interested in what I'm blogging about. However onto todays post, I did a post a little while back when i first got my polaroid and said i was do an update once I've gotten use to it and taken some photos - so here it is.

My polaroid is the 'fujifilm instal mini 8' and i got mine from John Lewis, however you can buy them from a lot of places online. I love polaroids as they are so cute and quirky. Nowadays we live in a very internet revolved society, so its nice to have a polaroid to take instant 'in the moment' pictures which you can't edit or change. Even though you might think the camera is a bit overpriced its such a nice thing to have and is completely different to digital pictures and cameras. The fujifilm camera has a dial on the front which lights up on the recommended setting - so you just turn it to the specific setting and your good to go!

Initial polaroid post click here.

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Sunday, 5 October 2014


Hi everyone, happy sunday! For me I love sunday's because it means i can pamper myself for the week before school starts and actually have a bit of time to relax. And also not forgetting the last minuet homework/revision i should of done way before. However these are a few of my paper evening favourites!

Before getting into the bath or shower, whatever i'm feeling on the day, i love to put a face mask on. My current favourite is the 'lush mask of magnanimity' I love this mask as it gently exfoliates my skin when i wash it off and also helps to combat and heal any breakouts. Ive done a full review on this, click here. 
I almost every time decide to have a bath, because lets be honest, who doesn't love a good bath. The only bath products i tend to use really is Lush products just because they're so cute, and smell amazing. Pictured is the 'Magic wand bubble stick' I brought 2 of these last year and this is the second of mine, however they are in stock now for the latest christmas range. (p.s stayed tuned for a lush haul)
Other than the obvious of washing/conditioning my hair and body, i love to use a hair mask. I'm currently using the 'Lee Stafford hair growth treatment' To be honest i'm not overly amazed by this product, and I'm honestly just using it to use it up. Im on the hunt for a good conditioning mask-leave your suggestions below!
Once i'm out of the bath, of course I have to paint my nails, I usually just chose whatever i fancy at the time. I love the Topshop glitter polishes. The one above is in 'Razzmatazz' After painting my nails I tend to chill out, reading a magazine or watch a film. The boots christmas gifts magazine is out now which excites me a lot!

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Thursday, 25 September 2014


Hi everyone hope your well. Recently 'Makeup Revolution' has launched in my local Superdrug and to say I was excited would be an understatement. I'd been eyeing up the brand online, and in particular their pallets. There so affordable and so pretty. I picked up the blusher pallet in "Hot Spice'.

'Hot Spice' blush pallet £6

The colours are so beautiful and perfect for all seasons! The pallet contains 8 shades, 6 being blushes and the other 2 being blusher/highlighters which you can see are the two shades on the right. The colours are so pigmented and have long staying powder on the cheeks. I'm loving this pallet at the moment as it literally has pretty much every colour blush you'll ever need. I recommend trying these pallets out as they are amazing, I'll defiantly be popping back in to get the concealer pallet too!

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